100% Green Servers 100% Green Servers Because of unique server setup we are able to save an average of 1,994,100... 4 Factors for how to choose best hosting service on 4 Factors for how to choose best hosting service Everybody knows websites are... Beat the Competition ! We beat the competition.If you find any Personal Hosting plan with better price or better quota,... CHROMEIS can pay for you ! Yes! That’s correct. Love with CHROMEIS but already paid another vendor in advance? We’ll... Can I use my files and upload my own site? You can use your own design and site related files. You do not need to use our builder or... Creating a mailto link on my page? The mailto command will place blue wording on the screen that people can click to send you a... How the Money Back Guarantees work CHROMEIS Lifetime Money Back guarantee is applicable on Personal, Reseller and VPS Plans only.... Network & Server Uptime CHROMEIS provides you with 100% up-time guarantee which covers the availability of our servers,... Never Reboot Protection As part of our excellent service we are very proud to be associated with the only hosting... Servers Load Protection Poor site performance is the #1 issue shared hosting clients face on a daily basis. Improving... Super Fast Speed Guarantee We are the only hosting company which offers a site performance guarantee in a shared hosting... Using cache to restore a deleted web page In case that you need a file restored and you do not have a local backup, there is an... View my site before propagation is finished? Yes!, you can. By using the URLs in your setup email, you should be able to access your website... What is a path? A path is a directory specification. In other words, it tells you where something is located on... What is an absolute path? An absolute path is a directory specification that shows the way from the root of the file system... What’s heap memory? What is Heap Memory in Java? The Heap Memory in Java is used for storing all objects and all...
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