Change the welcome screen in linux terminal =============================Change the welcome screen in Linux... Check hardware specs of your server You may wish to cross-check the server specifications via Terminal through command. There are... Download a file via SSH Terminal in Linux Server wget --no-check-certificate https://URL/file-name.ext   --no-check-certificateoverrides the... Expand disk partition through terminal in linux   First, you need to install growpart utility that will help you expant or manage the partition.... Find Large directories ==============Find Large directories============== To find out where disk space is being used:... Find infeced folders with shadow folders in them perl <(find2perl /home/*/etc/*/shadow\.* -print )... How to copy/paste from a DOS window? Copy/pasting from a DOS window is one of those things that's very simple, yet annoyingly... Learn more about specific Linux commands? Aside from searching the web, Linux has a manual included already. You can find out about any... List Files with size ls -lAShr OR ls -la /var/www/html/admin_portal/ -S To list all files and sort them by size. By... Run a traceroute on Windows, Linux or Mac? If you are frequently experiencing any problem when accessing your website, please at the time at... SSH support SSH support is available for VPS hosting plans, unlimited hosting plans, and reseller plans.... Verify if you are using SSD or HDD Below is a method to verify if your server is equipped with state-of-the-art, super-fast SSD... What is a traceroute? TraceRoute is a utility that records the route through the Internet between your computer and a...
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