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If you are frequently experiencing any problem when accessing your website, please at the time at which you are experiencing this issue, provide us with the output of the “tracerout” command executed from your computer to your website address.


To Get trace route under Windows, follow below instructions:

In Windows, select Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. This will give you a window like the one below.

Enter the word tracert, followed by a space, then the domain name.

The following is a successful traceroute from a home computer in New Zealand to


To Get the trace route under Linux/Unix, follow below instructions:

traceroute [ -dFInrvx ] [ -f first_ttl ] [ -g gateway ] [ -i iface ] [ -m max_ttl ] [ -p port ] [ -q nqueries ] [ -s src_addr ] [ -t tos ] [ -w waittime ] [ -z pausemsecs ] host [ packetlen ]

* You can also use other standard Unix tools such as dig.


To Get trace route under Mac OS computer:

click on the “Network Utility” icon within the “Utilities” folder, then click on the “traceroute” tab.

If you’re running a Mac with an operating system older than Mac OS X, you’ll probably need to download a traceroute program such as WhatRoute

Alternate method:

At the prompt, type traceroute (replacing with the domain you wish to trace) and you will get the path to that hostname

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