ASP.NET Apps upgrading IIS version When you upload IIS 6 applications to IIS 7 you need to change the settings in the web.config.... ASP.NET Trust Level We run ASP.NET in Full Trust Level Apache Server Version We support the latest version of Apache at all times (production / stable release) Curl support We have support for Curl for all hosting plans. Custom Error pages like 404 “Page Not Found” on your site To setup your custom error page, you will need to use a .htaccess file. Put the following... Customizing Web Server Error Messages 404 & 500 (Windows Hosting) When visitors coming to a site request pages that the Web server cannot find, the Web server... Default char-set / encoding table If you need your default encoding / char-set for your site to be changed please, open a support... IIS Manager Remote Access To download and install the IIS 7.0 Manager, use one of the following links: For X86 processor... MS Internet Information Server We provide support for Internet Information Server Version 7 (IIS 7) with all of our Windows... Microsoft URL Rewrite module Your Windows account is coming with pre-installed Microsoft URL rewrite module. To learn how... Own MIME types support Own MIME types support is included with all plans Rejected-By-UrlScan URLScan v3.1 is a security tool that restricts the types of HTTP requests that Internet... Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails is offered for our Professional package or higher – with a commitment of 1 or 2... SVN (subversion) support We do include SVN support with our Professional or higher plan with a commitment of 1 or 2... Setting Timezone with .htaccess How do I offset the Timezone for my location, instead of the server timezone? This is quite... Support for mod_perl and Apache version All accounts come with support for mod_perl Our Apache server version is 4.0.x We support CGI scripts All CGI scripts are executed from directory /var/www/cgi-bin/ and can be uploaded via FTP to... Zend, ioncube support We have support for Zend Optimizer and ioncube optimizer for all plans   django support We do have support for django (Professional package or higher) mod_python We do have support for mod_python mod_rewrite support We do have support for mod_rewrite and .htaccess
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