Adding yum to my Linux VPS? If you need the package maintenance tool yum installed on your VPS please contact our support and... Change the timezone on a Virtuzzo VPS (Linux) You cannot change system time in a VE because all VEes on the hardware node have the same system... Dedicated Cloud vs Typical Dedicated Server We STRONGLY suggest that you go with the new Cloud platform in order to make the most out of your... How to install DNS server (bind9) on VPS or Cloud – Linux IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH MANUALLY INSTALL AND EDIT OF NAMESERVERS, WE SUGGEST YOU TO GET... How to install PEAR at CHROMEIS VPS? For more information on how you can install PEAR for your account please, check the following... I can’t access my VPS, what do I do? If for whatever reason you are unable to access your VPS we do recommend that the first thing you... Install DNS server (bind9) on VPS or Cloud – Windows IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH MANUALLY INSTALL AND EDIT OF NAMESERVERS, WE SUGGEST YOU TO GET... Installing SQL Express 2008 on VPS Please NOTE that we do NOT support SQL Express 2008 under our VPS Kilo Package. We do support SQL... Installing Windows and Parallels Updates Please: Do NOT manually install ANY Windows Updates. These are being installed by our Tech... Java/Tomcat VPS with 512MB+ Heap If you need 512MB heap size or more we strongly suggest that you check one of our VPS, Tomcat VPS... OS upgrades on VPS Please do NOT perform OS upgrades on your container. For example if you try to upgrade your... Registering Private DNS servers at other Registrars If you have a VPS, Cloud or a Reseller account, in order for you to host domain names within your... Repairing or Re-installing a VPS through Virtuzzo Panel Please do NOT perform any of the maintenance operations in your Virtuozzo Panel. Do NOT use... SiteBuilder: eshop Support Payment Modules The following is the list of available SiteBuilder 4 supported payment modules: Cash On... Using Tomcat under Linux VPS We do offer free private JVM tool (Tomcat support) under our Linux VPS (unless mentioned with any... VPS Offline Management Since we use the Parallels Virtuozzo Containers (not openvz) all of our VPS are by default... VPS advantages as compared to personal/shared hosting A VPS or Virtual Private Server has various advantages in comparison to a personal or shared... VPS vs. Dedicated Cloud A Dedicated Cloud Server has various advantages over a Virtual Private Server. Below are few... What is a Shell in Linux? A shell is a program that runs commands. Users type commands and the shell runs them. Linux uses...
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