ASP .Net supported Versions ASP.Net is offered only on Windows based server since it cannot run on Linux based servers.From... ASP and ASP.NET Support We provide support for the following ASP and ASP.NET version under all of our Windows based... Adding .NET Framework support To add .NET Framework v3.5 support you need to insert the following entries in your web.config... CGI-BIN (Perl) script – 5 common problems in hosting 5 common problems when hosting a CGI-BIN (Perl) script!   1) MS-style new lines If  you... Changing PHP version (CPanel) The following article is outlining how PHP version for a Linux Shared Hosting account can be... Do you support CDO? Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) is Microsoft’s technology for building messaging or... Enable Microsoft Report Viewer 2008 on IIS 7 To enable Microsoft Report Viewer on IIS 7, please add the following line to the... How to install PEAR under my hosting plan? Please, read the following article on how you can setup PEAR for your shared hosting account... JSP hosting, Tomcat Web Hosting – Complete overview JSP Hosting / Tomcat Hosting (Shared Tomcat) Our shared hosting plans and control panel... JSP/Tomcat, CGI-BIN, PHP, Perl, mod_perl SSI, Python, FrontPage extensions All Personal Hosting, Business hosting, Reseller plans support JSP/Tomcat, CGI-BIN, PHP, Perl,... LINQ + AJAX hosting by CHROMEIS Our ASP.NET hosting platform supports: ASP.NET AJAX hosting + LINQ – you deploy your AJAX powered... PHP supported versions We currently offer support for PHP 8.3 under our Linux (cPanel) Shared plans. Please note that a... Persist ASPJpeg error when using ASP.NET If you receive the following error:BC30002: Type ‘ASPJPEGLib.IASPJpeg’ is not defined. You... Register ASP.NET SQL Provider ASP.NET includes a SQL Server provider for the following ASP.NET features: Membership (the... Silverlight Support We offer support for Silverlight 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 with: Windows Presentation Foundation... Sugar CRM Optimization tips If your Sugar CRM is exhibiting performance lags, try these steps to optimize your SugarCRM... Support for Struts, JSF, Spring, Hibernate? We do offer support for the Struts, JSF, Spring, Hibernate development frameworks as well as... Using SSIs on my site with CHROMEIS? Yes, you can use SSI with CHROMEIS. This is the ability to include files from the server... Using custom DLLs on Windows hosting You can use custom DLLs on our Windows hosting by uploading them to a “bin” folder in your... What permissions should I run my Cgi scripts under? All CGI scripts should be placed in the CGI-BIN and set to chmod 755. Windows Coomunication Fondation (WCF) *.svc support To enable *.svc support you need to add the following lines in the <handlers> section in... web.config “web.config” – !!! VERY IMPORTANT !!!: Please do NOT delete or overwrite your web.config file. If...
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