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ASP.NET includes a SQL Server provider for the following ASP.NET features:

Membership (the SqlMembershipProvider class).

Role management (the SqlRoleProvider class).

Profile (the SqlProfileProvider class).

Web Parts personalization (the SqlPersonalizationProvider class).

Web events (the SqlWebEventProvider class).

To register your database as ASP.NET provider you need to run the Aspnet_regsql.exe tool, which can be found in


When the wizard starts:

1. Select “Configure SQL for application service”

2. Enter the following:

a. Server – use the server address listed in “Database server” field when you were creating your database in Plesk

b. Select SQL Server authentication

c. User name – enter the database user that you have setup in Plesk.

d. Password – enter the database password that you have setup in Plesk.

e. Database – enter the database name that you have setup in Plesk.

3. Proceed to next screen and finish the setup.

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