Accessing your MySQL database with Perl The Perl module, is a convenient way to connect to the database from within Perl scripts.... Backup MySQL databases in Cpanel? Mysql databases can be backed up by doing the following: Go to 'backup', under the 'Site... Change collation for all MySQL tables to UTF-8? Changing the collation for all tables in a MySQL database can be time consuming depending on how... How can I access mysql database remotely? Under the mysql header in Cpanel, select 'manage mysql' Then scroll down to the 'access hosts'... How can I enable Mod-Rewrite Module? In order to enable Mod_Rewrite for your site you should create a text file called .htacccess in... How do I add a mysql database in Cpanel? To create a MySQL database: Go to 'Manage Mysql' under the database header in Cpanel In the... How do I delete a MYSQL database? Removing a database will delete that database completely from the server. Please make sure you... How to access phpPgAdmin directly from my domain? In order to access phpPgAdmin directly via your domain name without having to access your cPanel... How to change the database engine of a MySQL database table? In this article we will show you how to change the database engine of a MySQL table. Let's... How to connect to PostgreSQL from PHP? For connecting to a PostgreSQL database from PHP you can use the standard pg_Connect() function. How to create a Postgre database? Creating a PostgreSQL database is a straight-forward process. All you need to do is log in to... How to create a Postgre user? In order to create a PostgreSQL user you should go to your cPanel -> PostgreSQL Databases... How to import an .sql file into a Postgre database? Log in to your cPanel and open the phpPgAdmin tool. Then click on the PostgreSQL link at the left... How to optimize a MySQL database using phpMyAdmin? It is always a good idea to keep your databases' tables optimized. Fortunately, making this... How to repair a MySQL database? In this article we will show you two ways to repair a MySQL database. 1) Through cPanel: Log in... Is it possible to use a Postgre database for application installation? It is possible to use a PostgreSQL database for all applications that support this database type.... MS Access database support MS Access can be used with windows based personal hosting and resller plans. Since this is... What is MySQL? MySQL is a Database Management System. A relational database adds speed and flexibility, by... What is the default mysql port? 3306 is the default mysql port. What is the mysql host name? Refer to your setup email to find the IP of your MySQL server. You can also use...
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