Expired Domains Any expired domain names may be renewed depending on the TLD (.com or .cn or and the... What is EPP Code and where can I find it? STARTING OCTOBER 28TH 2006; the EPP Authorization Keys are required for .com, .net, .org, .info,... Additional and Registration Requirements A and registrant must be one of the following: An Australian registered... Additional Registration Requirements A registrant must be one of the following: An association incorporated in any... All domains are registered under your name All domain names are registered in the name of our clients. Owner and billing information are... Can I transfer a .au domain name from you to another registrar? Yes. For general information about transferring your domain name to another registrar, see... Can I update contact information for .au domain names? Yes, .au contact information can be updated when: Inaccurate information was submitted at the... Can’t access/resolve my site after domain transfer? If you are experiencing problems accessing your site after domain transfer such as your site... Domain Transfer – Status Messages Auto verification of transfer request initiated Verification email sent to registrant and/or... How do I redirect one domain to another domain name? Domain name redirection is possible in two ways, elaborated as below: PHP and HTML redirects If... How do I register my nameservers? Since this process differs from registrar to registrar, it’s difficult for us to give you a full... How to Transfer my Domain Name to CHROMEIS? NOTE: Here to check Status of your domain transfer? How do I Transfer my Domain Name to... How to change my DNS servers? If you have a domain name which has been registered with us and for which you need to change the... My NEW domain is not working with my hosting If you have just registered a NEW domain name (please allow up to 12 hours for the domain... Registering .au Domain Names The .au country-code top-level domain name (ccTLD) is an extension that represents Australia. A... We offer Domain Identity Protection! Did you know that current ICANN regulations require that your Private contact information (WhoIs... What is a domain alias? A domain alias is different from Addon domain Domain Alias or Sub Domain. A domain alias is an... What is a parked domain? A parked domain name is an additional domain name that leads to the same place as the main domain... What is a sub domain? A sub domain is different from Addon domain or Domain Alias. A sub domain is a name before your... What is an A Record? The A-record is the most basic and the most important DNS record type. They are used to... What is an addon domain? An Addon domain is different from Domain Alias or Sub Domain. Addon domains give you the ability... What is propagation? Propagation is the time it takes for each of the internet backbones to be updated with your new... What is your IPS Tag for domains If you wish to transfer your domain to us you need to contact the current domain registrar... When can I renew .au domain names? You can renew your .au domain name 90 days prior to its expiration date. NOTE: Auto-renewal is... Who is ICANN and what it does? Who is ICANN? The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is the organization...
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