A Strong Password A few days ago Splash Data published a list with the worst passwords where as expected you can... Brute-Force Attack security – what is it and how to protect my site? Brute-force attack is a way for someone to guess your account password by using a trial-error... Crucial Tips on Joomla! Security Joomla! is considered as one of the most powerful CMS platforms out there and as with every web... FREE shared SSL for ALL hosting plans We offer FREE shared SSL for any of our plans. In addition, we offer our own/Private SSL... File permissions for files, scripts, or directories After uploading, the file permissions for any CGI scripts should be set to 755 (rwx-rx-rx),... How do I password protect a folder/directory? You can password protect directories within your site from unauthorized users by using ‘Web... How to pick safe plugins for WordPress You got your WordPress site up and running, and now you are ready to rule the web. But... Is it possible to clean malware from a hacked website? Before answering, a critical distinction must be made: A hacked cPanel account or hacked website... Obtain a private SSL? In order for us to issue SSL certificate for your domain name you need: 1) open a support... Protect WordPress Login against Brute-Force Attack (CPanel) If your WordPress is hosted on Website Panel, please click here instead. The solution... Protect WordPress Login against Brute-Force Attack (WebsitePanel) If your WordPress is hosted on CPanel, please click here instead. The solution described below... Site Infections There are few frequently possible site infections. In the most of the cases the main site page is... Site does not open after SSL installation After an SSL installation on your web hosting account you may not be able to open your site.... Using free SHARED SSL for my site? You can use the provided free shared SSL by using the following URL encoding. For... What is Private SSL and Why I need it? Private 128-bit SSL certificates are available for in Personal as well as VPS/Dedicated Servers.... What is SSL? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is a method of encrypting web traffic such that the data... WordPress Security tips Although generally considered as a CMS only for managing blogs, WordPress, in fact is a very...
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