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Poor site performance is the #1 issue shared hosting clients face on a daily basis. Improving the performance of an already slow server is the biggest challenge for a shared hosting provider!

Through our state of the art, next generation hosting platform, we are able to offer shared hosting with superb performance and stability guarded by a real time load protection against malicious activities or peak loads.

Server Load Protection guards in real time the server’s most important resources, and protects against:

High CPU usage – caused by other shared sites/users which in 100% of the time will have a DIRECT impact on your site performance regardless of the speed of the shared server. Our system will detect and isolate any peak loads in real time, thus providing your site with a faster and more consistent performance.
High Memory usage – mostly result of memory leaks in buggy applications hosted by other shared clients; or shared sites being under malicious attack. Our system will detect and isolate in real time any abnormal memory usage, thus protecting the rest of the sites/users hosted on our shared servers
High I/O activities – commonly a result of High CPU and High Memory usage is the main reason for a server to become unresponsive and to go down – requiring a hard reboot which leads to unplanned downtime and other unpredictable implications (data loss, server corruption, etc.)

By implementing Server Load (100% Free), we guarantee that our shared servers will never go down due to High CPU/Memory usage.
In conjunction with CHROMEIS Super Fast Speed Guarantee, we are able to offer a superior hosting platform to all of our shared/reseller clients!

Keeping in mind that a single site can cause an entire shared server to go down should be an important factor to consider when selecting the right hosting company for you and your organization!

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