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Everybody knows websites are most important part for any online business’ that’s why the importance of website is very high if you sell any product or services through physical store or shop then you should start to reach your customer online too

If you want to make a website for your e-commerce store or just you want to bring your blogging project or assignment to life, you already face some common questions

how can i choose the best hosting service for your website or blog ?

This post is very important for those who want to start a new website or blog because we guide you how to choose your hosting plan and service for your website or blog

we bring to you best 4 important factors to guide you how to select a best and affordable website hosting service for your business or blog.

1. Uptime

website uptime

This is the most common issue in some site when you open the link and the targeted site is not opening and this is very frustrating issue and you loose your worthy traffic

This is not good for traffic but this is also not good for google itself which starts to give decrease value in search engine results for that address.

So this is very important thing first make sure that the hosting service you are purchasing offers the best uptime or not.

2. Monthly traffic

website monthly traffic

Maybe you don’t know this but some hosting service providers have a specific monthly traffic limit.

This means after some specific amount of access, the server will be charge an extra fee for “extra visitors” or will be stop to show your website on the web

3. Available Storage

best hosting service

This is totally Depend on your website purpose, If you have a big website then you will need maximum storage otherwise you just take minimum storage you will need a lot or a little storage space for the files you add to it.

If you want a lot of space, then make sure that the hosting provider give you offer the amount you need to keep from running out of memory. and if you need little, then save your money and goto with minimum storage offer

4. Loading speed

If you a little bit know how about SEO then you know that Google will always give priority the pages that load faster, because this is always aim to offer the best experience for visitors.

So, First check if hosting service you are purchasing offers a fast loading speed. if he provides then relax and purchase the hosting


If you see these 4 tips, you will easily choose the best web hosting

The good news is that, we recommend you a best hosting provider company for buying Quality hosting in very affordable price if you have a small project or a big project chromeis gives you a quality based services in web hosting and domain too

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