Access your email via Web or Outlook (Configure POP3 or IMAP) I'm putting all information for your reference, please keep this information handy. ### Access... Disabling Spam Filters Disabling Spam Filters You can disable Spam Filters whenever you want. For example, if you... Does CHROMEIS offer any anti-virus protection for emails? Yes, we do. This comes automatically with our mail system and requires nothing from you to make... Does my mailbox have any limits on it? CHROME not impose a quota limitation on your email boxes – however the quota is set by the user... Hourly Limit to emails I can send Is there a limit to the number of email I can send per hour?   Yes, we do. If you’re using any... How can I setup email with Outlook Express? When Outlook Express Starts click Tools -> Accounts Inside the “Internet Accounts... How do I access webmail? You may access webmail, by going to http://mail.yourdomain.tld after your domain has... How do I set up an email address in Cpanel? Follow instructions below for to setup email address on your linux based server (CPanel).... How to Prevent Email Abuse [This article is copied from cPanel and slightly modified for improvements.]   Overview This... How to change my email password? To change the password on any email account, you’ll first need to log into the account’s... How to configure Eudora for my account? Within Eudora, Select “Tools” and then Select “Options”. Within the Tool Bar on the left... How to setup MX record for your domain name? Option 1: Change the MX Record to point to your server hostname If you have your domain name... I can receive mail, but cannot send; what’s wrong? This problem has a number of common causes. Generally, unless you’ve received an announcement... My email isn’t working; Please help! OH MY GOD!!! My email isn’t working? HELPPPP!! First off, relax. Take a deep breath. You’re... PHP SMTP Authentication Part of what makes the PHP mail() function is so simple is its lack of flexibility. Most... Prevent Your Email Landing in Spam Folder [This article is copied from cPanel] and slightly modified for improvements.   Overview This... SMTP information for incoming & Outgoing mail Your incoming (POP3/IMAP) & Outgoing mail (SMTP) server name is: where... Set up Thunderbird for your servers? Follow below simple steps: In Mozilla Thunderbird , select Tools > Account Settings. On... What email clients can I use for my email accounts? You can use pretty much any mail client you like with our mail service. Clients such as Eudora,... What is my SMTP Server? Your SMTP server is the IP found in your setup email, or, if propagation has completed, you can... What is the Path to Sendmail? The path to sendmail is /usr/sbin/sendmail This applies to you only for Linux server. What is your policy on SPAM? We have a zero tolerance policy on SPAM. if you do it, your account will be terminated... Whitelist a website for Outlook, Hotmail and Live accounts In order to manually add CHROMEIS to your, or account’s Safe... “unrouteable mail domain” comes when I send email This error most often indicates that you have reached our limit for sending mail for the given...
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