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Is there a limit to the number of email I can send per hour?


Yes, we do. If you’re using any package from Personal Hosting, the limit is 200 messages per hour for each website (this counts emails sent against all email accounts created against a website)

We do this to minimize the impact of spammers who may sign up with us and get by our initial checks. Consider having a look at our spam policy.

Once you’ve hit this limit, any emails sent will bounce with the ‘unrouteable domain‘ error in the bounce message. The only way around this error is to wait until the hour is up.

Please note that your account may be suspended if we get at least more than one spam alert. The account can be reinstated only if you provide us in written to assure this does not happen again.

In case if your account is suspended 2nd time, it will not be reinstated – but terminated permanently

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