How do I access to WHM? If you've ordered a regular Personal Hosting account, you do not get access to WHM. WHM is... Is there a secure https login for CPanel? Yes, there is. Simply try with HTTPS; like: https://www.domain.com:2087 or... What is CPanel? CPanel is an extremely powerful, web based control panel. Cpanel provides a point and click... Backup my entire site in Cpanel? You can take backup of your entire accounts by taking following steps: Go to 'backup', under... Can I make webalizer stats viewable outside Cpanel? Yes, this can be done. If you have shell access you can do it yourself. Otherwise, please open a... Can’t login to my site control panel If you are experiencing problems login into your control panel, please check: 1) Make sure that... Difference between www and public_html? There is no difference between the two.The actual directory that you place your web files in is... How to change CPanel password? Login to your CPanel Click on 'Change Password' under the 'Site Management' header in Cpanel.... How to change my account password in WSP? After signing to your account, click on 'Change Password' on right hand side. Enter your... How to change permissions in WebSite panel Log in to WebSitePanel if you have Windows based Server or CPanel if you have Linux based... How to enable parent paths for ASP To enable parent path support for IIS: 1. Login to Pleask control panel 2. Go to... Preview your site in CPanel/WSP/Plesk ? You can preview your site from Plesk by clicking on the Site preview button inside the domain.... SSL Certificate Error If you are receiving Certificate (SSL) error/warning (which is most likely the case if you are... Setting up default.aspx, index.php, index.htm in WSP Control Panel You can do that by: Click the Domains shortcut in the navigation pane. Click the required... WWW prefix is not available for Windows domains This is caused because during domain creation the www prefix checkbox was not selected and the... What is my username and password? All of the necessary login information for your FTP, Site Control Panel, and Customer Support is...
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