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Please note: The EDU.PK domains will be reserved (and paid immediately), but is not registered/activated until the documentation (obtained from the relevant Education department) of bonafide educational institute status with active student enrollment is received. The .edu.pk domain name must match or be an acceptable derivation of the verified educational institute in the registrant name. The reservation is cancelled if the requisite documentation is not received within thirty days. You may claim the refund, minus any processing fee (if applicable)

In order to register a .edu.pk domain name from PKNIC, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Domain should be registered as first step to affirm the availability of domain as well as for further correspondence
  2. A request with subject "Activation of domain www.x-y-z.edu.pk" on letterhead duly signed by Head/Principal of the institute.
  3. A copy of CNIC of the head/principal of institute making request
  4. Copy of evidence of institute registration - a letter issued by registration body.

All this is to be submitted by post or in person at PKNIC office only.

All these requirements are unavailable on PKNIC official website. These were extracter after conversation with their representative. Please visit PKNIC official site for any up to date information.

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