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To get an Authorization code for a domain, as an existing agent, follow the below steps:

  1. Menu My Domains => Legacy Domain => Get Authorization Code, From the "My Domains" menu, you can get the current authorization code of your domain. OR
  2. Manage Legacy Domains => Forget Authorization Code on the main page of the PKNIC website.

Online generated authorization code is sent to the e-mail of the Main/Owner as well as the Technical Contact specified in the domain record at the time of registration.

In case, if you have no more access to your e-mail address, written authorization is required from the domain owner on his official letterhead under his signature and seal along with a copy of his CNIC. Please also specify the e-mail address on which you would like to receive the new authorization code.

It is suggested to move your legacy domain to a .pk account to take advantage of the account facilities. You can transfer your domains to CHROMEIS to ensure these are managed properly. Once a domain is moved to CHROMEIS, the Authorization code will no longer be valid and will not be required for any modification.

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