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CHROMEIS hosting provides you with hosting migration services. If you're currently hosting with any hosting company (like GoDaddy, Yahoo!, IXWebHosting etc.) , we can assist you in migrating your website, inclusive of data, Databases and FTP accounts to us.

Pricing depends upon the nature of migration you have. Below are possible situations:

  • From Linux to Windows (within CHROMEIS servers)
  • From Windows to Linux (within CHROMEIS servers)
  • From Personal Hosting to VPS / Cloud / Java VPS (within CHROMEIS servers)
  • From VPS/Cloud/Java VPS to Personal/VPS/Java VPS (within CHROMEIS servers)
  • From 3rd party to any CHROMEIS plan (including Personal, Cloud, VPS, Java)
  • From 3rd party to another 4rth party

The above pricing has a data limit of 60 GB. $1 per 5 GB will be charged for additional data.

Please note the service is limited to migration of data and databases only. We will not look into your code files to update pointers and connection strings.

We require complete details of your current hosting control panel before we generate invoice. Please open ticket and share below details:

  • Existing Control Panel credentials
  • Target Control Panel credentials
  • All database credentials from source server

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