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You need to first place an order through our site.

We receive payment via Cheques, Demand Drafts, Pay Order, Online payment through all major credit cards.


All of your pay bills should address CHROMEIS Pvt. Ltd.
Please go through the payment instruction before you deposit your money. We do not recognize any payment method not listed on this page.


Skrill, PayPal, Credit Cards and Online payment from Overseas:

You can pay online through any credit card using (formerly
After sign up, make payment to:

Pay visa


Pay through PayPal:



OneLoad, EasyPaisa, Jazz Cash, UBL Omni, SIMSIM and other Mobile Wallets in Pakistan


CHROMEIS supports OneLoad for small transactions. OneLoad offers free funds transfer and extremely convenient to use. You can transfer funds through or via their app for android or iOS. You'd need to transfer your funds to 03-111-000-229.


Bank transfer, Wire, Cheques and Direct cash deposit over counter

We bank with 3 major banks of Pakistan including HBL being our primary and preferred bank. Secondly, Standard Chartered Bank and Bank Al-falah as well. Please find details below.


HBL (Habib Bank Limited), Pakistan                                              Pay with Habib Bank Limited - ChromeIS

We encourage payments through HBL for payments in Pakistan.
You can make your payment (in PKR) at any branch of Habib Bank Limited (or through ATM/online Banking) in favor of:
IBAN: PK31HABB0022977106272203


Standard Chartered Bank Ltd., Pakistan                                      standard-chartered-logo-top

You can make your payment (in USD) at any branch of Standard Chartered Bank (or through ATM/online Banking) in favor of:
A/C Title: Kamran Shaukat Ali Khan
A/C Number: 01-9844783-01


Collection at your Doorstep (only Lahore, Pakistan)

We can collect Cash, Cheques/Demand Drafts/Pay Order from your doorstep, the service is available in Lahore only. An additional service charges of US$5 will be levied.
The payment is reflected the same day and any invoice is paid off and orders are executed the same day.
In case of cheque, the order will be executed upon realization of payment.

Cash_on_Delivery01 Cash_on_Delivery02


NOTE: We require MINIMUM of 1 YEAR commitment for payments processed through: Check, MoneyGram and Western Union. No orders will be processed or money accepted unless they are placed with MINIMUM of 1 YEAR commitment. The following processing time and fee applies for these payment methods:

  • Check presented at CHROMEIS office: $5.00  (1-3 business days)
  • MoneyGram: $6.00  (5-7 business days)
  • Western Union: $10.00  (5-7 business days)
  • Bank Transfer: $10.00  (1-5 business days)
  • Customer Presented SCB Cheque at SCB: $0.00 (0-1 business days)
  • Customer Presented non-SCB Cheque for clearing at SCB: $0.00 (1-3 business days)
  • Collect at door step (anywhere in Lahore): $10.00  (same day)

Once you place the order please,

  • If paying via MoneyGram send your payment reference ID through a ticket.
  • If paying via Western Union send us your domain/email by opening a ticket so that we can send you our payment details.

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