VPS advantages as compared to personal/shared hosting

A VPS or Virtual Private Server has various advantages in comparison to a personal or shared hosting server. Below are few highlights:

  1. Provides you with full control over your system - you get your own root/ Administrative access and remote management capabilities such as SSH or RDP
  2. Isolates your account from other accounts thus providing you with better security and improved performance
  3. Since you have full access to your VPS, you can install and configure any services or applications (as long as you don't violate our terms) which otherwise may not be available on a shared hosting account
  4. You can easily start, stop and restart your VPS through the provided VPS web control panel
  5. Your VPS has more resources (CPU and memory) in comparison to a shared hosting account

If you're running a website which may require high CPU, RAM or bandwidth - or any of these - then we strongly recommend you consider our VPS Plans.

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